Why Green Media Awards?
The motivation is to promote and sustain media coverage on the environment in Malawi and accelerate the agenda for sustainable utilization of Malawi’s natural resources.

All journalists practising in Malawi are eligible to apply, however, AEJ members will have an added advantage. Each Journalist is eligible to submit a minimum of two stories per category for a maximum of three categories.

The jury will entertain materials in English and Chichewa only.


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Who We Are

The Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi (AEJ) is a media membership driven organisation founded in April 2011 in line with the constitution of the republic of Malawi Section 32 -1.

"1. Every person shall have the right to freedom of association, which shall include the freedom to form associations.

2. No person may be compelled to belong to an association."

AEJ was established in Blantyre Malawi after noticing considerable gaps in environmental- science reporting and education with our more concern on frequency, quality, credibility of the environmental stories, programmes, columns. We believe that if these are well presented and reported can help communicate the right information to the people that require it in manner that is relevant , timely and clear.

Our Core Reason Of Existence

It is in the interests of the organisation to improve the capacity of its membership and media houses in reporting on various beats to do with the environment and thereby extend reach and advancing public understanding of environmental issues.

The association believes environment is a viable Agenda across all Media houses so much that our members have not limitations to do what they can to influence positive change as empowered and within the limits of the of the following republic of Malawi constitutional provisions.

We are compelled to be an active organisation in managing the environment in Malawi because we are mandated to do so by the supreme law of the land under section 13 (d) The environment which mandates us: To manage the environment responsibly in order to;

  • Prevent the degradation of the environment.
  • Provide a healthy living and working environment for the people of Malawi.
  • Accord full recognition to the rights of future generations by means of environmental protection and the sustainable development of natural resources.
  • Conserve and enhance the biological diversity of Malawi.
Board of Trustees