Key Objectives

    We are a member driven association standing for and with environmental journalists and journalism in furtherance to achieve our main aims and following key objectives;

    • To provide critical and relevant support to journalists of all media in their efforts to cover complex issues of the environment responsibly through combined efforts of members, and appropriate partners;
    • To act as a watchdog on environmental concerns.
    • To take a lead in promoting desirable attitudes towards sustainable care and maintenance of the environment.
    • To raise awareness among partners, patrons, editors, news managers, publishers, and other key decision-makers in the media on the value and importance of environmental news reporting.
    • To build a stronger and more closely connected network of educated environmental journalists, communicators, editors, Media Managers and Media practitioners.
    • To stimulate more and better coverage of a range of critically important environmental issues.
    • To encourage addition or expansion of environmental reporting positions within broadcast, print, and internet news organisations.
    • To increase use of information resources, training, and educational events that are already available to journalists and editors who may be covering environment issues.
    • To foster the creation of important new information resources and training opportunities.
    • Encourage information sharing within the network, partners, government officials on legislation, policy, guidelines, research documents or any critical publication deemed relevant for work of journalists and environmental communicators and people of Malawi.
    • Look after the social welfare of members of the Association.
    • Bringing together environmental journalists and environmental communicators in Malawi in order to form a common front in dealing with issues affecting them.
    • Doing all such other things which may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives or for the betterment of the Association or its members.
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